Monday, September 12


There's no doubt about organiser, Jenny Stubbs and her band of helpers at this Festival. They’re such a creative bunch! 

The theme for the Festival dinner on Saturday night was Moroccan, in honour of Jeannie Baker's book, Mirror. The main Marquee took on the appearance of a candle lit casbah, lots of silk scarves, pots of roses, belly-dancing (jelly-rolling), low cushioned couches and Moroccan backdrops. The only thing missing was a live camel. 

Around 70 guests dressed in costume - some highly inventive, ate, drank, talked, jelly-rolled (ask our MC, author, Josie Montano if you're not sure what that means) the night away.  
Josie Montano and Jenny Stubbs (Festival organiser)

Songster, Nadia Sunda and guitarist, Michael Fix entertained with fabulous medleys. The talented sister act, The Sunde Sisters, dressed in traditional Croatian costumes and sang a hilarious duo, Never on Sunde.

Nadia and Angela Sunde

A great celebration for all! I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Mark Wilson and friends

Tanya Batt and friends

Pamela with John Heffernan and Narelle Oliver

Josie Montano, Deb Abela, Narelle Oliver, Aleesah Darlison

Michael Fix and Nadia Sunde

Sheryl Gwyther, Jeannie Baker, Angela Sunde


DimbutNice said...

Ah such reasons to be happy! Sounds like a real hoot!

Angela Sunde. said...

That is going to be one night I'll never forget. It certainly was fun!