Sunday, September 11

Storytelling, Songs, Words and Pictures - Ipswich Festival's weekend program

Saturday saw the first day of the weekend Adults program at the Ipswich Festival of Children's Literature. Many teachers, Teacher-Librarians, children's book lovers and developing writers and illustrators arrived early and chose sessions from a fabulous line-up of writers and illustrators, storytellers and musicians.

Tanya Batt, storyteller extraordinaire shared her experiences of storytelling, story making and story sharing.

 Illustrator, Freya Blackwood showed us how the medium, composition and colour can carry the emotional weight of a story. She used her much-loved books as examples, in particular, Harry and Hopper.

 Sally Rippin explored the language, characters and stories of some of her best-loved fiction, in particular, Millie.

 Anne Spudvilas and Leigh Hobbs combined their illustrating expertise in charcoal and line drawings to encourage participants to have a go at drawing themselves.

 Charlie Carter, the author of the Battle Boy series shared his passion about drawing reluctant readers into the wonderful world of books, while still offering read enrichment to already competent readers. 

Lesley (centre) with Freya Blackwood and Jenny Stubbs (Festival organiser)
Lesley Reece, Director of the Fremantle Children's Literature Centre Inc gave a very thoughtful, powerful presentation on books that have impacted upon her – in particular, Matt Otley’s, Luke’s Way of Looking. It’s about to be re-released, and I can’t wait to get one.

Performer, composer and author, Nadia Sunde helped melt away attendees’ inhibitions – so they will be able to engage children in joyful music and storytelling experiences in their own schools.

Well-loved author and experienced teacher, Deb Abela shared a pile of activities she used in her workshops to get kids excited in reading and telling their own tales. She included games and activities focussed around plot, character and language. 

Lynelle Westlake, illustrator gave a hand-on workshop in drawing for those challenged by the thought of Art Classes. She followed it up by providing a step-by-step way to draw a frog, owl and echidna.


DimbutNice said...

Looks like everyone is having way too much fun. What a wonderful abundance of information and sharing. Wish I was there to soak it all up.

Sheryl Gwyther said...

You must come to the next Festival in two years time, DimbutNice.