Monday, September 12


Lesley Reece launched the project
Yesterday, during the Festival lunch, Book Links (Queensland) launched its project, The Travelling Suitcases.  

Book Links (Qld) members and Lesley Reece
It's a fantastic project designed to bring authors and illustrators to children in remote or regional Queensland who can't access what their city cousins can. 

Illustrator, Greg Roger's suitcase showing his rough drafts, paint brushes, posters and lots more.

These 10 suitcases contain everything needed for a teacher or teacher librarian to involve students in an in-depth study of a particular author or illustrator. Authors involved are James Moloney, Narelle Oliver, Kerry Argent, Greg Rogers and Michael Gerard Bauer. Copies of original manuscripts, published works, suggested teaching units and a DVD are included in the suitcases. Author, Pam Rushby was the project manager.   

Book Links member, Sheryl Gwyther and Michael Salmon
The suitcases will be available on loan to schools throughout Queensland thus enabling small schools in remote areas to have access to authors and illustrators when an actual author visit is not financially or logistically viable.

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