Sunday, September 18


Need any more proof that the Ipswich Festival of Children's Literature was an outstanding success? Here're the FINAL FIGURES just released.

Total number of students at venues in Ipswich and Woodlands – 6309 X 3 sessions
Plus: Number of children seen at a school session (where the author/illustrator visited a school in the area - 2318
Plus: at Esk (a small town) 300 X 3 sessions
Plus: at Bethany (another small town) 200 X 3 sessions
Total number of students who enjoyed this first-class, free Literary Festival = 9127 children
(Total number of sessions with presenters = 22, 745)

Hi to the cool kids from Lowood State School Yrs 4/5


Angela Sunde. said...

Congratulations, Ipswich Teacher Librarians Network on a fabulous event. And terrific blogging, Sheryl!

Sheryl Gwyther said...

Thanks, Angela! I would have to be called an outstanding success on all levels. :)