Friday, September 9


Coming to you LIVE from the Illustration Conference.
Mirror - Jeannie Baker
Today, participants gather in the Ipswich Civic Centre today for the 1-Day Illustration Conference -T/Librarians, writers, illustrators and children's book lovers.

First on the program this morning, was our Keynote Speaker, Jeannie Baker, illustrator-extraordinaire. Jeannie's books include the winner of a CBCA Award 2011, Mirror, Where the Rainforest Meets the Sea, The Story of Rosy Dock, The Hidden Forest, Home in the Sky, Belonging, Window, Home and many more. 
Jeannie's presentation included images from the makings of her wonderful books, the stories behind the books, her methods of working and most astonishing of all, her journey through Morocco (by bicycle) by herself.

This journey gave her the images, the inspiration and the Berber people she befriended, ate meals with and who opened their lives up to her - this became the focus of her award-winning story, Mirror. I had intended writing notes during this presentation, but I was so enthralled, I forgot to do it.
Here's a video of Jeannie's book, The Story of Rosy Dock

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