Saturday, September 3


Kids of all ages, parents, teachers, organisers, librarians, musicians, artists, authors and an illustrator, bookseller, Buddhists, a Middle Eastern dancer and her drummer, a school Glee Club and a mayor. 
And so began the Festival and the One World Many Stories children's art exhibition with a fabulous afternoon of music, art and storytelling.
And the viewing of The Mirror Project at The Ipswich Community Gallery - the images of Jeannie Baker.

Filling a hall on a Saturday afternoon to listen and support local young singers and artists - priceless. 

Jenny Stubbs - Festival Organiser

Narelle Oliver reading her story Fox and Fine Feathers, with musical accompaniment by the Toowoomba Concert Orchestra. 

Two Festival authors - Narelle Oliver and Sheryl Gwyther (author, Pam Rushby also attended the afternoon's entertainment)


Dee White said...

Sounds like an inspirational start to the festival, Sheryl:)

Look forward to hearing all about the coming days.


Sheryl Gwyther said...

It was, Dee! I'm currently trying to work out how to post a small video of Narelle reading her book, accompanied by the Toowoomba Concert Orchestra.

Tania McCartney said...

Green with envy! Next year...