Thursday, September 15

Last day at Woodlands

It's another beautiful day at Woodlands as we countdown to the finish line at the Ipswich Festival of Children's Literature with only the Esk State School's Mini Writers' Festival tomorrow left.
Another 300 hundred school children rolled on to the Woodlands' site today and things were humming.

Today's line-up of authors, illustrators and storytellers included Michael Salmon, Aleesah Darlison, Clare McFadden, Meredith Costain, Lesley Reece, Sarah Davis, Leigh Hobbs, Tanya Batt, Sally Rippin, Kerry Brown, Michelle Pike, Chris Cheng and Lynelle Westlake.

Here're some of the images from today.
One of the many faces of storyteller, Tanya Batt

Sarah Davis captures the attention of squirmy Preps from Coominya State School.

Lesley Reece enthralls Years 2-3 with the story of 'Wolf's Sunday Dinner'.

Mr Peacock finally displays his finery when I have the camera with me.

The Book Garden's shop on site - better than a Lolly Shop (Candy Store).
Meredith Costain and her merry band of pirates.

Michael Salmon and the story of Bobo.

(Ed: Sorry for missing a post yesterday, I picked up the dreaded lurgy - a hazard when working with kids.)

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