Monday, September 12



Many thanks to all those who entered the drawing competition - Tatty Rat was most impressed!

All winners will receive a signed picture of Tatty Rat - you can frame it if you like.

Here are the winners.....

Mathew Pashley - Year 4
Ethan Bauer - Year 4

Logan - Year 4
Cade Scanlan - Year 4

Tess Haviland - aged 9

Thank you all for your entries!!
Winners, your pictures of Tatty Rat will arrive soon ... Tatty Rat wanted to deliver them by his skateboard to your school, but he rode the board into the creek at Woodlands and can't get it out.
From Sheryl


Anonymous said...

Ethan Bauer - he sounds like a winner to me!

Zen Quill said...

As a close personal friend of Tatty Rat's I can confirm how impressed Tatty was with the talent shown in the drawing competition. These are GREAT! Well done every one.

Dee White said...

Wow, what fabulous pictures.

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who entered. I'm not surprised Tatt Rat was impressed with the talent.

Sheryl Gwyther said...

LOL, Michael. :)
Lynn, Tatty Rat says he's looking forward to seeing you soon!