Tuesday, September 6

The authors and illustrators go to Ipswich

Tatty Rat, Paige Turner and I headed down to Ipswich today to see authors and illustrators in action. Brilliant blue skies, cool breezes and the lovely art precinct of Ipswich! 
Tatty Rat's favourite illustrators today were Greg  and Narelle.

Kids from local schools headed to the Ipswich Civic Centre, the Community Art Gallery, the CWA Hall and the Masonic Lodge Hall (all within a 2 minute walk of each other) where Festival authors and illustrators had settled in for the day - like Andy Griffiths, Tristan Bancks, Greg Holfeld, James Moloney, Chris Bongers, Narelle Oliver, John Heffernan, Leigh Hobbs.
Andy Griffiths

Narelle Oliver talking about the Barking Owl

 Paige Turner went to everyone's sessions and decided all of the presenters were her favourite authors and illustrators. (Editor: very diplomatic is our Paige!)


Dee White said...

I'm with Paige,

It would be very hard to pick a favourite amongst all the wonderful presenters you have up there.


DimbutNice said...

All looks and sounds totally marvellous. What weather, what presenters, what wonders. Keep up the great blogs you three! et al.