Monday, August 29

COUNTDOWN TO FESTIVAL: 5 days to go...

Yes, we're almost there! The people behind this brilliant Queensland children's literature festival (like Jenny Stubbs and her crew from the Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network are finalising the organisation. 

Soon the grounds and buildings at Woodlands, the historic house at Marburg will ring with the chatter of excited young readers and writers. (Ditto in Ipswich city and several small towns in the region.) The logistics of it all blows my mind away! So glad I'm the blogger and not the organiser!!
 Many of the presenters at the Ipswich Festival will also appear at the popular CYA, the Children's and Young Adult Writers and Illustrators Conference in Brisbane during the weekend of the 10th-11th September. Check out their website.

This popular conference, with its workshops and master classes is aimed as Professional Development for new and established writers and illustrators of Children's and Young Adult literature.

 The Sunday program, Hatchlings, is devoted to younger writers. (Illustration by the talented Bec Timmis). 

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Tina C said...

Thanks Ipswich!

Next weekend should be a busy busy weekend, and with so much choice for writers and illustrators, it will be an interesting time.

Hope you have a fantastic time at Ipswich - will visit during the week - and CYA there!!

CYA later!
CYA Co-ordinator