Sunday, August 21

ANANSI & THE SKY GOD'S STORIES - school play waits for its players

My school play, Anansi and the Sky God's Stories is now published in the The School Magazine # 8 September 2011 issue of Touchdown.  How fabulous it would be if an upper primary school class performed it during the festival!! Okay, that's just a dream I have ... (Blogger grins dreamily)

It's based on the famous retelling of the traditional Ashanti tale by Gail E Haley, A STORY A STORY. Gail gave me permission to adapt and retell her retelling (as is traditional) of the story. She has visited Australia and loved her time here. Gail is also remembered fondly by those who experienced her storytelling in some lucky schools.

A Story A Story

Two pages from the script

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